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Kite making class

In Vietnam, the kite is not only a folk game for children during the summer, but also a traditional art.

Each year, after the rainy season, a lot of kite competitions are held throughout the country. These competitions express the desire of Vietnamese peasants to have good weather and good harvests. In fact, according to custom, the more kite rises high, the better harvest will be. There are many kinds of kites with various characteristics. In some regions of Vietnam, the kites are made with flutes or whistles producing sounds due to the winds; according to local comprehension, that allow to ward off evil spirits and sweep out epidemics.

Situated in the landscape of the countryside, in the middle of rice fields with full of wind and sun, Maison Quê would be an ideal place for those who like trying this traditional game.

Place: The Communal House in Nham village, close to Maison Quê.
Teacher: Local villagers


  • Bamboo canes
  • Knife
  • Fabric, plastic tarp or large piece of paper
  • Nylon wire coil (or lightweight string)
  • Glue, adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Big sewing needle


  • Split and sharpen a bamboo cane to several small and thin sticks
  • Tie sticks together to form the bones of the kite.
  • Cut the paper to the size of the bamboo structure.
  • Lay the frame of the kite flat down on the back side of papers
  • Attach the string at the poles.
  • Complete your kite
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