Welcome to Maison Quê

Loosen up & feel the comfort as being home.

Fringed by lush foliage, limestone hills & rice paddies, Maison Quê is far away from the often hectic pace of the city life. As simple as that, Quê is built on the concept of a home away from home, refreshed by the pleasant breeze of the airy countryside. No more honk, pressure & rush, in Quê, you can give free rein to your thoughts, relax, be your own self & simply enjoy the magic of the well-endowed nature.

The house

Maison Quê may look rough outside yet is equipped with fine quaint decoration inside. The beauty of the old workmanship, objet d’art & the well-endowed nature, just seamlessly blend into each others. Every little corner is ornate with local goods, mostly handmade – from the thatched ceiling, floral tiles, antique wooden couch to each earthen jar & intricate embroidery towel. Large windows from 3 sides open onto the woody vibrant flora & fauna.

Local immersion

In Ninh Binh, there are plenty of spots to explore, lots of trekking, many viewpoints, caves & temples. You can spend your days doing a wide range of activities such as cycling, cooking, fishing, hiking, meditation, yoga, or simply stroll through the villages. Let’s get a bit of culture into your trip while also stepping into a state of ultimate relaxation .

Luxury experiences

Outside of Ninh Binh

Taste & smell

Within Ninh Bình

Healthy for good

Discover local culture

Immerse in nature

Local handicraft

From February to May, the rice fields bordering the site, going from intense green to bright golden yellow which announces the harvest time. From June to January, the sky is reflected in the mirror of the flooded rice fields. Silence is golden, time is then frozen.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides you with additional and useful information about our accommodation. But if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Unforgettable experiences await you through various immersive activities such as cooking lessons, rowing, traditional embroidery, making kites etc. to personal activities according to your needs such as picnic or barbecue in nature.