Our concept

In Maison Quê, loosen up & feel the comfort as being home.

Maison Quê is located in the heart of Nham Valley, in the traditional village of Tam Coc. Nestled amongst untouched mountains, caves and swathes of greenery, this quaint village is the gem of Ninh Binh. Maison Quê itself is hidden amidst infinite rice paddies, ambling waterways and giant karsts – blissfully peaceful and impossibly close to nature.

At Maison Quê, sit back, relax and make yourself feel at home. !

“ As our homeland and the city where we met each other, Ninh Binh holds a big place in our hearts. Although life has taken us away from our charming birthland, Ninh Binh will always feel like home to us. And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we created Maison Quê – we wanted to construct a home away from home for our visitors. Our two-storey house has been designed so that you can experience the same warmth and comfort that we feel when we return to our homeland. Handmade ornaments collected from local craftsmen’s workshops effortlessly embellish the whole house. The large windows let natural daylight stream in and the rustic, handcrafted furniture reflects the same strong, age-old traditions of Tam Coc. Aside from carefully considered decor, we have filled Maison Quê with everything you need for a cosy, comfortable holiday. You will find a fully-furnished home, complete with a functional kitchen, a well-stocked bathroom and serene, comfy bedrooms. And if you find there’s anything else you need, our staff are happy to help whenever possible. We hope our comfortable home away from home has everything need to relax and recuperate as well as explore and adventure. No more pressure, rushing or stress, at Quê you can finally give free rein to your thoughts and get a slice of rural Vietnam in the utmost comfortable shelter. Enjoy the pleasant breeze of the countryside, watch water buffalo slowly amble by, and soak up stunning scenery wherever you look. We hope you enjoy your stay at Maison Quê – make yourself at home ! ”

Hieu and Huong’s family.

Green initiatives

Large window making the most of natural light & natural breeze during the day - Change of linen only upon request - Provide in-room guidelines

Align the architecture of the house in with local building traditions. The architecture match surrounding natural environment and conditions. Use light colors for pavement, roof, and exterior wall to reflect sunlight and expel heat. Use natural construction materials such as stone, wood and bamboo for construction. Use local building materials to reduce transportation costs and suit local natural conditions. Use of glass bottle instead of plastic one

We support the local communities with short term training course (Basic English teaching for the sampan rowers, Dance club) for them to make a better living on their own

Our location

Maison Quê is located in the heart of Tam Coc’s countryside, perfectly placed for cycling and walking. Here, there are only tiny local houses, hills, a few goats and ducks, and miles of vibrant greenery. The secluded location provides ample opportunity for travellers wanting to get off the beaten track and discover something a bit different. From the pristine and emblematic landscapes you’ll find around every corner to the charming villages you’ve never heard of, experience rural Vietnam at its finest, all while being only a short walk from the centre of Tam Coc. – 2 hours drive from Noi Bai International Airport – 20 minute drive from Ninh Binh train station – 10 minutes drive from Tam Coc embark – 2 minutes drive from Linh Coc embark

How to reach Maison Quê

It tooks approximately 2 hours to get to Ninh Binh station from Hanoi, then you could get a taxi to reach Maison Quê within 20 minutes only. Rice fields, palm trees, water buffalo, Vietnamese towns and villages, etc. , you will get a real insight into Vietnam when you travel by train, both urban and rural.

If you prefer an even more convenient transportation option, you can always book directly private car with us. Our driver will pick you up at your address in Hanoi (around the Old Quarter) /Noi Bai airport then transfer directly to Maison Quê. Our consultant team will be happy to provide you with more details via [email protected]

Whichever route you take, you can expect to gain a real insight into both Vietnam’s urban and rural side. As you travel, you’ll witness incredible views of rice fields, palm trees, water buffalo, Vietnamese towns and villages, and more!